Danny is selective with the tattoo projects booked.  Large custom pieces and sleeve projects in his evil surrealism style will take top priority during booking. Projects that include skulls, aliens, girls, clowns, demons, horror, zombies, creatures, goblins, etc.

First review the list and then fill out the contact form below to submit your ideas.  You will be contacted back within the week if it’s a project Danny is interested in and added to his waiting list.  Appointment bookings are months from initial request.

The shop is closed on Sundays and Mondays. Saturday appointments are by request only and typically a longer wait.

Danny does not add color to his tattoos, do cover-ups or finish/re-do tattoos started by other artists.

The following list are the most commonly requested tattoos that will not be booked:

    • NO clocks/compass/hourglass tattoos.
    • NO religious tattoos or good/evil sleeves.
    • NO Greek Mythology statues.
    • NO family portraits.
    • NO lettering.